Artists Reunion 1999
The 1999 Tamarack Artists Reunion was a great success!
Attendance was double that of last year.
The music was wonderful and the food was great!
It was a great place to meet new friends and touch base with old ones.
I hope to see all of you at the next reunion Saturday, May 13, 2000!
Great people and great food.
What else could you want!
Bob & Rebecca announcing  the awards
 Award winner in Performance - Everett Lilly & "Clear Creek Crossin"
Best name tag award winner - Francis Hall
Best sales person award winner - Lisa Jackson
Dwight holding Dwight
A work of art!
Shir Wooton can't resist giving her hotdog an artistic flair!
That's all the pictures I have folks!
Here is a list of the other Award Winners.
A picture of them would be nice too if anyone has one e-mail me!

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