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Welcome to ARTWV

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We have just moved and are under construction

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ARTWV is a free e-mail list for West Virginia artists and crafters
who wish to communicate with each other via the internet on topics related to arts & crafts.
As an ARTWV member you will also have access to the "ARTWV Members Only" site.
The "ARTWV Members Only" site contains useful information & examples on a variety of topics.
Artists new to the art & craft world are encouraged to join the list
and may benefit from the knowledge of the more seasoned professionals.

To be included on this list, you must either be an artist, crafter, writer or musician in West Virginia
( I think that covers everyone!)
or in some capacity be involved  with  Arts or Crafts in WV.
This includes organizations such as the Cultural Center  or  Tamarack.
Gallery owners, Tamarack employees, etc.. Who are not actually artists themselves are welcome.
( You DO NOT have to be a juried artist with Tamarack to be on the list! )

Many of us on this list are juried Artists, Crafters or Advisory Board Members with Tamarack.
We have created an archive on this subject.
This archive is a semiprivate copy open only to Advisory Board Members and Officials at Tamarack.
  * ATTENTION:  Remember this when contributing on Tamarack,
so you don't say something you might regret later!
You may however, start your message with:
"Remove my name before copying to Tamarack Archives"
"Do not include this message in Tamarack archives"
( Just say something, so we know you don't want in the Tamarack archives! )

If you feel you must remain anonymous, you can e-mail the moderators  your message
and one of us will post it to the group as an anonymous message.

If you have questions
Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.
If you can't find the answer there, please feel free to e-mail  ARTWV
We will answer your question as soon as possible.

You are required to fill out a Members Profile form and send it to
the moderators before we can add you to the ARTWV e-mail list.

This information will only be available to members of ARTWV
and all listings can be viewed by members after joining.
It is also used to prove you are a West Virginia Artist wishing to join the list.
We use this information to approve you to the list.

You will find the form by clicking on the link below:


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  It is FORBIDDEN to give or sell the E-mail addresses that are listed in the member profiles
to ANYONE who is not an ARTWV member.
This will help protect us from getting spammed by other individuals.

It is FORBIDDEN to copy or forward messages posted to ARTWV
to a third party who is not a MEMBER of ARTWV.
The only exception to this is the Archive for Tamarack messages, which will be archived
by an Advisory Board Member or a person who has been "authorized" to do so.

The moderator for the ARTWV e-mail list are:

Kenneth D. Westfall

Special thanks to Mark Blumenstein for the creation of the ARTWV Logo!

Pictures & Award Winners from the 1999 Tamarack Artists Reunion